Social Security Cards And Numbers Explained

Josh Welch

IllustrationEverywhere you look nowadays there is someone asking you for your social security number or card for proof of identity. 

We often give this number out without thinking too much about what its purpose really is or why we even have it in the first place. 

The most obvious reason is so that the Social Security Administration can keep track of what you pay in to the system and what you take back out. 

While that was its original intended purpose, over the years it has slowly become a way to easily identify all Americans by a unique number. 

This could have been avoided if only we could all agree to a national ID card with a unique number, but politics keeps getting in the way so the Social Security number has been used instead. 

Check out this video to learn more about the origins and uses of the Social Security Card and why the system works the way it does. 

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