Is It Okay To Clean Wounds With Peroxide?

Josh Welch

IllustrationI think most of us can think back to our childhood and remember at least one moment where we had a scraped knee or elbow and mom or dad used hydrogen peroxide to clean out the wound. 

It is an event that is hard to forget since peroxide tends to cause more pain and it also gets all bubbly, which just feels weird. 

We know that those bubbles and the pain mean it is working, doing its best to kill germs and bacteria while cleaning the wound area. 

Moms and dads have been using this homegrown treatment for decades, but that doesn't mean it is a good thing to be doing. 

This video by SciShow digs into the question of how peroxide works to discover whether or not we should be using it on our scrapes and boo-boo's. 

Be safe out there and don't forget to let me hear your thoughts in the comments section!