Barely Street Legal: Father & Son Conquer Route 66 in a Classic Mustang

George P Thomas

This video is about a father and son road trip along Route 66 in a 1975 Ford Mustang 2 that was converted into a drag car. 

The car is in rough condition and barely street legal, but they are determined to make the trip.

The video starts with them working on the car to get it ready for the drive. They fix a bunch of things, including the brakes, the fuel cell, and the windshield wipers. They also have to strap some spare tires to the roof because there is no room in the trunk.

They set off from Tucson, Arizona and head east towards New Mexico. They encounter a number of challenges along the way, including snow, ice, and mechanical problems. But they are persistent and eventually make it to Santa Fe.

From Santa Fe, they continue on to Amarillo, Texas. The car is starting to show its age, and the rear end is making a lot of noise. But they press on, making stops at a Cadillac Ranch and a Big Boot Barn along the way.

Finally, they make it back home to Tennessee. The Mustang is barely running, but they made it. The father is proud of his son for sticking with him on the trip, and he says that he will never forget it.

Overall, the video is a heartwarming story about a father and son bonding over a classic car. It is also a testament to the perseverance of the human spirit.