Watch Glass Explode in Ultra Slow Motion!

Josh Welch

Glass breakingGav and Dan, AKA The Slow Mo Guys, have filmed their slowest video so far and it is a beauty! 

Dan is always getting the dirty jobs, but this time he is putting himself in a little more danger than usual. 

Pyrex glass is a durable heat-treated glass that is used in cookware, lab equipment and more.

One of the warnings that accompany the glassware is not to expose the glass to sudden temperature changes, so naturally Dan does just that. 

The resulting video at 28,000 fps (frames per second) is not quite fast enough, so they break out a Phantom v2511 camera and film the glass explosion at 343,000 fps! 

The result is absolutely mind blowing! Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments!