Top 5 Worst Computer Viruses

Josh Welch

Email virusComputer viruses and worms have been plagues for computer operators since the first computer virus, the "Elk Virus", was created in 1981. 

With the growing public use of the internet and the World Wide Web in the 1990's, computer viruses became more common and more dangerous. 

Today, millions of dollars are made and lost every year because of computer viruses, trojans, malware and worms. 

Many people have only a vague understanding of these malicious scripts and programs, so that is where the following SciShow video, hosted by Michael Aranda, comes in handy. 

Knowing a little about the history and goals of some of the worst computer viruses can help people to understand the importance of keeping their computers secure. 

So watch the video below and then go make sure all of your antivirus programs and your operating system security fixes are up-to-date.