These 50 Things Look Crazy Under A Microscope

Josh Welch

Needle and thread magnifiedMost of us have had access at some time in our lives to a small microscope either at school or maybe even in your home. 

I have had several microscopes in my homes throughout my life, but that doesn't mean they were getting used all that often. However, when they did finally get used they were no less awe-inspiring than the last time. 

Unfortunately the microscopes we have at home or in public schools are not very powerful and are quite limited in the types of things you can see. 

Luckily there are people with access to very powerful microscopes that are nice enough to take and share really cool pictures of random things under high magnification. 

This video has 50 photos of magnified items that will really blow your mind and make you eerily aware of a whole other world that is right under our noses. 

Leave a comment below to let us know which picture was your favorite or that you thought was the most creepy!