Make A Flying Gyroscope From A Coke Bottle

Josh Welch

DIY Flying GyroscopeA flying cylinder that uses the principals of a gyroscope to fly through the sky at great distances with very little effort is known as a "flying gyroscope". 

You just throw it like a football and it will go unbelievably far using the magic of physics! 

There are several instructions on the internet for building one of these out of paper and other materials, but this one uses something that most people have sitting in their recycle bins. 

The CrazyRussianHacker on YouTube put together this how-to video on building a DIY flying gyroscope using only electrical tape and a plastic coke bottle. 

So next time you are bored at that company picnic, break out your scissors and grab an empty plastic bottle and some tape to build a boredom busting party favor for free.