Know Which Fire Extinguisher Is Right For Your Fire!

Josh Welch

Fire extinguisherFire is one of natures most destructive and useful forces which is why controlling fire has been one of mankind's greatest achievements. 

But just because we can make fire at will and hold it prisoner in a lantern, does not mean that have tamed the wild beast. 

Fires can be started by a multitude of conditions, but all fires can be classified into a simple system based on what their fuel source is. 

Fires in the U.S. fit into one of 5 classifications designated by the following letters:  A, B, C, D and K.

As a result, fire extinguishers sold in the U.S. are also classified by this same letter system based on which fire they are designed to put out. 

This is very important because using the wrong extinguisher could result in a bigger, more dangerous fire. 

Check out the video below to learn how to choose the right fire extinguisher to do the job safely.