Is It Okay For Us To Touch Mars?

Josh Welch

Photo of MarsIf we are planning on visiting mars in the near future, then there are thousands of questions that we need to answer first. 

Since we have never been in contact with Martian soil, how can we be sure that it isn't deadly to us? 

Is there a form of life on Mars, that perhaps we don't yet recognize as being life, that can injure us or that we can injure indirectly? 

Whose laws would Martians follow? What time and calendar system would they use? What would the flag of Mars look like?

The questions we can ask seem never ending, but there are people working to find the answers as quick as humanly possible so that we can be prepared when the time comes. 

This video by Vsauce discusses some of the proposed answers to these questions and a whole lot more! 

Check out the video and let us know your Mars questions, answers and thoughts in the comments.