The Five Most Viewed Cat Video's On YouTube

Josh Welch

Very Angry CatOdds are pretty good that you have seen most, if not all of these cat video's. YouTube has so many cat videos that you probably could not watch them all in one human lifetime. You should definitely check out these top five most viewed video's to make sure you are keeping up with the rest of the internet.  We will start with number five and work our way back to number one.




5. Stalking Cat


This cat shows typical cat behavior when stalking its prey. 





4. Cat Man Do - Simon's Cat


While not a "real" cat, Simon's Cat is still a cat with with over 50 Million views and therefore deserving of the number four spot.





3. Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten


This one is so sweet it will make you want to find the nearest fluffy object and have a snuggle.





2. Very Angry Cat


This poor shelter cat must have had a hard life prior to his arrival.





1. Nyan Cat


Somehow, in its infinite wisdom, the internet community has watched this 8-bit seizure inducing video over 123 Million times...making it number one!