Exploding Spray Paint Cans In Slow Motion

Josh Welch

Axe cutting spray paint cansHave you ever wondered what an exploding spray paint can would look like in slow motion? 

The Slow Mo Guys did, so Gav fired up the Phantom Flex and filmed at 2500fps while Dan got suited up for the action. 

Those little cans warn you not to puncture them because they are under a lot of pressure, so Dan is wearing extra protection and a respirator to keep the fumes from frying his brain cells. 

Dan uses a bb gun, an ax and a sledge hammer to turn these spray paint cans into explosive slow motion art, as well as painted art. 

In fact, for a limited time you can go bid on the canvas that they used here on Ebay. The current bid is over $81,000 so have your gold credit card ready. 

At least the video is free, and slow motion video is much better art in my opinion anyway.