Airbag In Slow Motion

Josh Welch

Airbag being deployedIf you have ever been in an automobile accident or even just watched some of those crash test videos, then you know that airbags deploy really, really fast! 

In fact, airbags use a solid propellant that is similar to gunpowder to inflate the airbag at speeds approaching 200 MPH. 

The Slow Mo Guys decided it was time to make a video of an airbag deploying at 2500 frames per second with their Phantom Flex camera.

Watch as Dan heroically (or stupidly) sets off a couple of airbags using nothing more than a face shield for protection while Gav films from a short distance away, but as you'll see he and the cameras are not out of the firing range. 

Check out the video below and leave us a comment or two and tell us what you thought!