8 Weeding Tools Tested

Josh Welch

Man pulling weed with toolIf you are trying to keep a nice lush lawn around your house, then one big problem you frequently face is weeds. 

There are as many ways to deal with weeds as there are species of weeds, so which way is the best way? 

Unfortunately there is no one answer to this question because every situation is different. 

Sometimes chemicals are your only option, but other times mechanical removal is the best way to go. 

In this video The Crazy Russian Hacker tests out eight mechanical weed removal tools to find the best design for ease of use and durability. 

If you have a lawn, then this video will be very helpful if you are looking for a new weed removal solution. 

Let me hear your opinions about the weeding tools that he tested or tell me about a better product that should have been tested in the comments below!