Why You Should NEVER Throw Water On An Oil Fire!

Josh Welch

Cooking oil fireYou should have already heard this at least one hundred times in your life, but just in case here it is again; Never, EVER try to put out an oil or grease fire with water! 

The reasons why you should never do this are not as clear to most people as the fact that it shouldn't be done, but whenever you hear the science behind it you will probably wonder how you never thought of it before. 

Obviously you should not try anything that you see in this video yourself, unless you are a trained professional. 

In this video, Greg Foot from Brit Lab uses a contraption to safely pour water on to a burning cooking oil fire from a distance to see what happens. 

The results will give you a new appreciation for fire and its ability to become very dangerous very quickly. 

Have you ever had experience with an oil or grease fire? Tell us about it in the comments!