We Could All Learn Something From This Junkyard Dog!

Josh Welch

Lilica the junkyard dogThis video is the story of Lilica, a brave junkyard mutt with a giant heart. Lilica was abandoned in front of, and now lives in, a junkyard in San Carlos, Sao Paulo, Brazil that is owned by Mrs. Neire. There she found love, affection and friendship with animals of many different species, all united in poverty. Lilica had a litter of puppies and had to find food to feed those puppies. Every night she would leave the junkyard on a dangerous mission to find the food that she and her pups desperately needed. Watch the video to find out where she found the much needed food and what happened when her pups left the nest. It is an inspiring story of love, friendship and compassion that you will not regret watching.