This Influential Astronomer Liked To Party

Josh Welch

Tycho BraheWhen we are in school we learn about all kinds of historical people from all walks of life, but we usually only get to learn the most important facts and have to skip over the things that are less important. 

There are some people from history that we will never get to learn about at all because our schools have limited time and budgets. 

Then there are some historical people that may be important enough to be included in the curriculum, but the details of their lives are skipped because the schools want to gloss over things that may not be politically correct. 

A very influential astronomer named Tycho Brahe probably falls under that last category. 

Tycho Brahe loved to drink alcohol, party and even sword fight in duels over things like math disagreements. 

Check out this DNews video to learn more about this fascinating and somewhat controversial character from history and let us know your thoughts in the comments.