Fail Friday: Peer Pressure Fails

Josh Welch

Girl jumping from a swingIt is the first #FailFriday of spring, which is a great time to hang out with your friends before the weather turns hot. 

Unfortunately, we all seem to have that one friend that always manages to get you into trouble or pushes you to do something that you wouldn't normally do. 

This collection of fail video clips is dedicated to exactly those types of friends and is full of great examples. 

If you were lucky enough to not have one of these friends, then either you were that friend and you need to watch this video for new ideas or you lived a sheltered life and need to watch this video immediately to see what you missed. 

Everyone else needs to watch this video so that you can feel the satisfaction of knowing that you weren't the only fool at one time in your life. 

Leave a comment below to let me hear about something stupid you were either convinced to do or talked someone else into doing!