Is This Electric Chainsaw Worth It?

Josh Welch

Taras Kul holding two chainsawsIn my limited experience electric tools have rarely been better than their gasoline or pneumatic versions. 

This has been true of lawn mowers, string trimmers, drills, and many other things that I have tried out in the past. 

However, after watching these videos by Taras Kul (aka. The Crazy Russian Hacker) I have realized that technology has improved a great deal over the last decade or so. 

In the first video he compares a 16" gasoline chainsaw to a 16" electric chainsaw and then in the second video he puts the electric chainsaw to the test cutting up a fallen Black Locust tree. 

I was completely surprised by the performance of the battery powered electric chainsaw and I think you will be too! 

Check out both videos below and don't forget to let me hear what you thought about this chainsaw in the comments section.