Does Your Accent Say Anything About You?

Josh Welch

illustrationThere are many, many language accents out there and they are all different from each other in a wide range of degrees. 

There are different accents for different languages, such as English accents or Spanish accents. 

There are different accents within those languages that are based on a large common area, like British accents and American accents. 

Then are more accents within those areas that are based on even smaller areas, such as Southern U.S. accents and New England accents.

Then there are even more within those like Texas accents and Georgia accents. 

With all of these people, speaking all of these accents you have to wonder, does my accent say anything about me? 

This video by ASAPScience asks and attempts to answer that very question, and we even get to learn a few other things along the way.