Diving Onto A Trampoline Covered In Mousetraps, In Slow Motion

Josh Welch

Dan jumping onto a trampoline covered in mousetrapsOnce again the Slow Mo Guys have obviously been getting a little bored, because this idea is one of their craziest yet. 

The idea is to setup a whole bunch of mousetraps on a trampoline and then have one of them jump onto it while the other films on the Phantom Flex 4K camera at 1000 frames per second. 

Dan decided that he would rather jump into the mousetraps than risk not getting the shot with the camera, so once again Gav films while Dan gets dirty. 

So after they spent four hours setting up around 1000 mousetraps, with only a few small kinks, Dan took his spot on a ladder on top of a rickety table and Gav manned the camera. 

The end result was actually pretty impressive visually and Dan was no worse for wear after all the traps stopped snapping. 

Check out the video below and leave a comment to let me know what you thought!