By Age 7 Your Body Will Go Through These 7 Changes

Josh Welch

Six month old babyThe changes that human bodies go through during puberty are well documented and well known by the general public. 

In middle school and high school health classes we are taught about all of the strange changes to expect like body hair, voice changes and growth spurts. 

The changes that take place during early childhood, before the age of seven, are just as weird and possibly even weirder than those teenage changes we are used to. 

Before and after birth the human body has to grow from 2 little cells to a mostly self sustaining machine in a relatively short period of time, and the processes it uses to accomplish this goal can be both strange and intriguing. 

This informative video by SciShow will fill you in on the crazy details of seven of these weird changes that you went through before you turned seven years old. 

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