A Place I Wish To Get Back To

Pun Master

poetryHere-in lies the first of what I hope to be a long line of poems created by me - The "Pun Master". Even though I am the master of the pun, I promise in this poem - no matter how hard you look - there is no pun. So, enjoy!

I wonder if anyone can figure out what poem I was thinking of when I created this.......





A Place I Wish To Get Back To

Here I live, in a place so free

A place to where some want to flee,

But still I feel as if I'm chained,

The key to which I can not see.


Of late I've felt as if I'm drained

And that my once pure heart is stained.

Of course no one can be to blame,

For how much my courage has waned.


Once before, my heart burned like flame

With a passion that I could name

But lack of use has left it black,

My heart is only full of shame.


Back then I always had a knack,

Of never pushing to the crack,

I hope that I can get it back,

I hope that I can get it back.